Hii everyone~
I want to share with you my little kpop diy ideas. Let's get started ! (Note: My favorite group at the moment is NCT, so you'll see many photos of them, but also some of BTS and GOT7)
This is how my binder looks like when you open it:

diy, sf9, and kpop image

On the left side you can see the following:(up) a group photo of NCT (from Ivy Club), a polaroid of Tokyo, (middle) my school schedule & 2 hearts, (down) a selfie of Jaehyun & Taeyong, a photo of Rowoon (of SF9) and one of Taeyong.
In the middle part of the binder are some sticky notes.
On the right side you can see the first divider. But let's have a closer look to the dividers :

diy, kpop, and ten image
(From left to right: Ten, Jaehyun, Mark & Bambam)

Every divider has a different color and the name of the subject I'm using it to. Because the tabs are small, I couldn't write the whole name of the subject on them, so I wrote the abbreviation or drew something suggestive (for example, for geography I drew the Earth :)) )

diy, school, and bts image
(BTS, Taeyong, Sehun)

Here is another example for drawing on the tab: on the BTS divider for French I drew the Eiffel Tower on the tab :)) Also, you can add quotes (the middle divider) or leave the divider simple, if you don't feel like writing the subject on it (the last one with EXO).

diy, kpop, and school image
(BTS, NCT 127, BTS, Jungkook)

Note: You can also write important informations or dates (for exams/tests) on the divider.

I hope you found it useful ^_^
Until next time~~