First of all, it is hard. Self-love is a powerful progress and requires a strong will. You have to work continuously on your self-esteem and have to meet with resistance all time long. It’s hard to but a solid love toward yourself because we are too busy loving and appreciating others so we often forget ourselves. I am still working on it and will always work on it. It is a life progress.
Remember that there is no second you and no second body nor a second whatever.

#1 Figuring out what defines you
What makes you unique? No matter if it is a character trait or a special physical characteristic. What makes you YOU? When you are having struggles in finding these points out then ask your parents or best friends. Believe them because they love you for who you are.

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#2 Accept your flaws
There is NOBODY out there being flawless. We are humans and we make mistakes. Do not let yourself being blinded by these so-called famous people with their apparently “perfect” life. Imperfect is the new perfect. But not only accept your weaknesses. Appreciate them because without them you would not be you. They make you special. You are special. And don’t you think that it would be boring if everyone would be the same?

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#3 Others WHO? It is only about YOU.
That is the most difficult part. Not caring what other people think. We often define ourselves by the opinion of the society. But is society you? No, so why listen to them? I know that being different noways can cause problems but remember that the problems are in the people. It is not you. Stand to yourself and sometimes you have to go through that sh*it and have to listen to dumb comments. You will never fit everyone. There will aways be people judging you or talking behind your back. In these time you need the love and affection of people you love and people that are good for you. Surround yourself with people accepting you for who you are even if it is only one person but then you know that it is real.

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#4 Take care of yourself
This part is often forgotten. Do thing that are you for you. Whether it is a little treat or just a good talk with a good old friend. Take care of your soul and especially your body. Being good to your body and giving it what it need makes us automatically feel better. A healthy lifestyle provides not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. It is important to find the right balance between treat yourself and feel good in your body.

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