Hi, people !

I have a message for you ___


I hope you're all doing fine. If I'm writing today, it's because I'm really disappointed. I was listening to music and searching for new beautiful photos and while hearting, I found a picture that really made me angry because, weheartit, for me, had always been a peaceful and positive place and I don't wanna see this kind of shit here. That picture is the cover one for this article.

Here you can se it again :

funny, tumblr, and thin lips image

I don't think this is funny.
This is called bodyshaming and it seems so normal to do it with every bodyshape or face feature that are not conform to what we daily see in the fancy schmancy internet and magazines world.

Beauty is diversity and this article is either for those who have been bodyshamed and those who ARE bodyshaming other people.
Medias tell us : "Beautiful is : thin nose, huge almond eyes, big lips and fit body". Well, good for you Mr Media, but I don't think the same. I have my OWN OPINION about beauty and I see it whenever I want to.

You know what ? There's a better alternative : Be proud of your differences, buddies. Smile confidently and stand for yourself ! If a stupid person comes to insult you, know you have the right to get angry, and to stand for your self and tell him with all world confidence "How dare you come here to me and insult me this way ? Who do you think you are ? I am so fucking happy with who I am and how I look". Speak up for yourself. Act the way you would do if it was your best friend who has been insulted.

Cherish your features, your difference. Live and let others live.
Have a good day.