Why ?

Why do I always want something that I can't have ?
Why do I want you, an inaccessible person ?
Why do I love your hair so much ?
Why do I love looking at your beautiful face ?
Why do I love be starring at your lips for hours ?
Why do I thing you are so cute ?
Why do I know that we will never talk but I'm still thinking of you ?
Why do I like to see you in my day ?
Why am I even writing about you, a boy that will never be my boyfriend ?
Why am I thinking about you ?
Why are you in my mind ?
Why can't you just go and leave me alone ?
Why are you obsessing me ?
Why can't you just talk to me ?
Why can't we just maybe be friends ?
Why can't you think of me the same way that I'm thinking about you ?
You know what ? I think you're my new little obsession that will disappear soon if you don't talk to me.

- l'imprévisible

couple, love, and kiss image
Here is an another part of my soul for you and my first text in English here.