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I wanted to share with you some good movie lines I liked, not necessarily the best but the ones which did something special to me and made me think "I have to write that down"

The Edge Of Seventeen

"I think some deranged part of me likes thinking I'm the only one with real problems. Like that makes special.
You know, ever since we were little, I got this feeling like, like I'm floating inside of my body looking down on myself and I hate what I see, how I'm acting, the way I sound. And I don't know how to change it. I'm so scared that that feeling is never gonna go away
- Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine

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This movie is a comedy, who's main caractere is Hailee Steinfeld. She plays a 17 years old teenager who suffers from anxiety since she was young. Nadine makes you laugh, sometimes makes you sad because you can really relate to her and to what she is feeling. During this following speech, she really touched me thanks to Hailee's acting talent.

12 Monkeys

"I was sent back in time to kill a man. It was supposed to fix everything. It didn't. So I killed more people, nothing changed. And then I save someone. Someone who should have died and that is what changed things. It's the only good thing that's ever made any difference"
- Aaron Stanford as James Cole

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12 Monkeys is a TV Series about people, living in 2040's, who time travel to stop the epidemic of a serious illness which destroyed the world.

Demain tout commence

"She taught me that the fear of dying is nothing compared to the fear of not living"

"There are sometimes falls that never stop but I wanted every second of this fall to be a celebration"

- Omar Sy as Samuel

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Demain tout commence is a french movie starring Omar Sy. This movie will make you laugh all along and cry at some times. I strongly recommend it to you if you have the chance to see it. I tried to translate these 2 quotes accordingly

A walk to remember

"Our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it."
- Shane West as Landon Carter

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A walk to remember is one of the best romance movie ever. Faith and love are mixed in a beautiful way.


"I guess people like to read about the things that they want the most but experienced the least"
- Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe

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Westworld is a futuristic TV show, which shows the lives of human robots living in a park in order to please human desires, and so much more. The music is just beautifully used which contributes to the fact that it's a masterpiece.

I really hope you liked these few quotes, it will be great to know what you think by a postcard:)

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