I love fall. Actually, I much prefer fall and spring over winter and summer (okay...maybe not winter), because I'm a person that likes the intermediate - I was never extreme. So, fall is the perfect season for me. It's cold but not too cold; the weather is still good for being outside and I can always wear my favourite, warm clothes.

This year, though, I still haven't had a taste of Fall. It's October 8th and where I live it's still hot as hell; probably as much as it was during the summer months. And people still have the nerves to deny believe in global warming... Anyway. I miss Fall. I miss the rain and the cold and the wind and everything that comes with it. I certainly don't like spending my day feeling like I'm going to melt if I don't find some shade.

I miss watching movies and series while it's raining outside. I miss running in the streets because it started to rain and getting my hair all wet and complaining about it but loving every second of it. (My hair has this weird thing where it actually gets better after the rain.) I miss wearing scarves and covering my nose with them and feeling my warm neck after I take them off.

So, yeah, I really miss the cold season. Sigh.