You know those sunday's when you have no important responsabilities to care about, nothing to stress over? Those sundays when you just want to(and can) lay in your bed surrounded by blankets, pillows and your favorite tea/coffee but most importantly, good relaxing music.
Here are some of the songs I love to listen to when I'm on lazy sunday mood.


Come First - Terror Jr

music, song, and terror jr image

bus it - blackbear

Mature image

Dirty Secrets - New City

new city and dirty secrets image

Think Before I Talk - Astrid

astrid image

Say It To My Face - Maty Noyes

Image by mags

Sober - Dylan Matthew

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Reforget - Lauv

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24/7 - The Neighbourhood

noise, you get me so high, and 24 7 image

Saved - Khalid

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Champagne & Sunshine - PLVTINUM & Tarro

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Does It Feel Like Falling - Alex Aiono ft. Trinidad Cardona

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I hope you enjoyed and have a happy lazy sunday!

Thank you for reading.

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)