It´s that time of the year again. Time for lattes, books, pumpkings. Time for late nights and movies. Time for cold. Time for rain. It´s autumn. And when autumn comes, I love going through all the staff that has happened during the year.
A lot has gone on this year, good things and bad things.
I have learned how to live without two main parts of my life, but I have also learned that the sky has earned two beautiful stars.
I' ve learned how dark is loneliness and how marvellous love is.
I've realised that who wants to be with you, stays, no matter the cost.
I've achieved some of my goals, despite all falls I´ve suffered.
I've learned to love again, to feel special, to feel I'm important and it's the most beautiful feeling of all.
I've felt cared for.
I've realised everyone needs to take care of themselves, get lost and find themselves again.
I've learned the value of friendship, family and pets, and how they support you even in your most terrific ideas.
So, this is a good year and what I would like to stand out is: everyday counts, everyday you'll learn something and everyday is a good day to remember what makes you happy and what would you like to be.