The Comet Seekers

by Helen Sedgwick

Two lives. A thousand years. One night sky.

I found this book in a little store in Glasgow and immediatly fell in love with the embroidered-like cover design by the talented Chloe Giordano - with its night sky and stars and forest and snow. I made the right decision to take it home with me!

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The Story

Roisin and Francois first meet in the snowy white expanse of Antarctica.
Their shared desire to explore brought them here, but they both have left family and loved ones behind to do so.

As we leap back through their lives, glimpsing each of them only when a comet is visible in the skies above, we see how their paths cross as they come closer to this moment.

Their stories are filled with love, hope and heartbreak, that show how strangers can be connected and ghosts can be real, and the world can be as lonely or as beautiful as the comets themselves.

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And she can't bring herself to say what she knows; it is something that she will never say out loud: that she wants to spend her life with people who are driven to explore the world, not those who are willing to follow.
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Stargazing - A playlist

The storm is getting louder. She steps outside and is almost knocked off her feet, but she struggles to stand upright, facing the wind, and watches the comet on this, its brightest night. No storm will stop her.
  • Saturn by Sleeping At Last
  • This Place Is a Shelter by Olafur Arnalds
  • Home by Dustin Tebbutt
  • Petrichor by Keaton Henson
  • The Wolves (Act one and two) by Bon Iver
  • Balcony by Exist Strategy
  • Arctic Fantasy by Theodore Shapiro and Mark Graham
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My thoughts

The Comet Seekers made my heart ache to travel and to explore, to see Antarctica and France with my own eyes and to draw a map of all constellations I can see.

I have loved the universe and the night sky with all its wonders and secrets since I was a child, and am so grateful to find a book (and a talented writer!) to put all my thoughts and feelings to paper.

The Comet Seekers is one of my favorite books of the genre fiction.
It is rare to find such intensity of storytelling and love of language within a book. I highly recommend!

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Hauntingly beautiful... A captivating story, deftly told, about those who are driven to explore and those who must stay behind.
- Helen Wecker
A brave and tender debut from one of the brightest new stars of the literary world. It's one of the most vivid, original and magical books I've read in years.
- The Gracekeepers

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