When was the last time our house was full of happiness, When was it? or It was never happen.

Way back in 2009-2010 I don't really remember the date but I remember how happy my family was and I'm a kid at that time.

It was Christmas day, When our house was full of laugh and happiness. My family was taking their pictures together, It was seriously a wonderful situations of all time. I seen myself smiling wide as I watch them.

But I'm not just satisfied in the happiness inside. I want to see more happiness. As I left our house and walk to the streets full of people smiling, laughing, talking, caroling and etc.

There I got my satisfaction about the Christmas that bring happiness to people.


And one thing, I'm not satisfied to happiness inside, I will be satisfied If I will go outside. Finally, I've got one point of knowing myself.

Opening a past then know them, helps a lot.

Sorry for the wrong grammars. My language is not English, so sorry.
I hope you like mah new article.

I'm so excited for this coming Christmas, that's why I made dis.