So breakfast is one of the most important meals and to be honest I never really bothered to take the time to make breakfast.
One of the goals I set for myself is to really take time for breakfast, so I want to give you guys some breakfast ideas.

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1. Fruits: eating fruits for breakfast is not only healthy but it also fills you up. At least for me it does! It might take a bit more time, cause you need to wash the fruits and maybe chop them up. But I can assure you that it's a delicious and fresh start of your day ! 🌳🍂
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2. Banana pancakes: so this is for the people who have a little bit more time in the morning or for the weekend. This one is definitely filling but it is soooo delicious! So the recipe for this one you can see on the first picture. Just take 2 eggs and a banana and crush them together using a fork and then just put it in a pan and make pancakes 🌼
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3. Smoothies or a smoothie bowl: I haven't had smoothies in a very long time but I really want to start making or buying them again soon! Smoothies or a smoothie bowl are just like fruits a delicious and fresh start of your day! If you use fruits of course, you could also use vegetables if you prefer that ! My go to smoothie is and will always be banana and strawberry, it's the easiest and most delicious smoothie I know 😊 For a smoothie bowl just put your smoothie in a bowl and add some fruits, coconut rasp, chocolate chips, or anything else you like over top.
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4. Cereal: so this one is pretty self explanatory just buy some cereal or if you want you can make your own! I love cereal with dark chocolate or buy some plain cereal and add fruits, raisins, nuts or anything else you like !
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5. Simple breakfast: with simple breakfast I mean just bread or toast with some simple spread on top. Or you can bake an egg and add some simple salad next to it. This is breakfast for people who don't have allot of time but want to have some simple breakfast.

I hope this article helped you in any way. And I hope you can enjoy making breakfast as much as I have been enjoying it the past couple of days 💛

Lot's of love Ties 🍂