1» Grab the book nearest to you, go to page 18 and find line 4
"apoiados por uma ONG foi algo que me demorou dias a absorver."

2» Do you take shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Of course, who doesn't

3» Who was the last person you texted?

4» Are you a righty or lefty?
I'm right-handed

5» Do you have freckles?
No, but I think they are super cute

6» Do you always smile for pictures?
Almost all the time, but it mostly depends on my mood

7» What's your zodiac sign?

8» What's your hair color?

10» Are you allergic to anything?
I dont think so

11» What's the farthest away place you've been?
Disneyland Paris

12» Do you like watching scary movies?
Not really

13» What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?
She's The Man and Now You See Me

14» Best thing to eat for breakfast?

15» What color are your sheets?
Light blue

16» Are you lazy?
I'm super lazy, my grandma is always making fun of me because of that

17» How many languages can you speak?
Fluently two (Portuguese and English), but I'm learning Spanish at the moment

18» Can you whistle?
Very badly

19» Have you read the Harry Potter series?

20» Do you sing in the car?
Yes, 24/7

21» Do you sing in the shower?
Yes, every single time

22» Dogs or cats?

23» Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

24» What inspires you?
Art in general

25» What's your favorite season?
I don't have one actually

26» What's your favorite holiday?
It used to be Christmas, but it's magic has kinda faded for me

27» Who would you like to see in concert?
Twenty One Pilots

28» Tea or coffee?
100% coffee

29» Can you swim well?
Yes, I do

30» Are you listening to music right now?
Yes, I listen to music pretty much all the time

31» What quote do you live by?
"Don't grow up, it's a trap"

32» What is your favorite color?
Black and blue

33» Are you outgoing or shy?
I consider myself to be an outgoing person even though I'm quite shy when I don't know a person

34» What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
New Rules, by Dua Lipa
Mi Gente, by J Balvin, Willy William
Me Rehúso, by Danny Ocean
Não Papo Grupos, by David Carreira
Back To You, Louis Tomlinson, Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animals

35» Do you like bubble baths?
Yes, I do, most of them are so aesthetically pleasing

36» Who are you most comfortable around?

37» What are your favorite stores to shop in?
Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Topshop

38» Do you smile at strangers?
Not really

39» Favourite makeup brand?
I don't use makeup

40» Favourite food?
Pizza and francesinha (it's a portuguese typical dish)

eggs, food, and sandwich image

42» Favourite ice cream flavour?

43» Favourite tv show?
Since Teen Wolf is over, I'll say Brooklyn Nine-Nine

44» How many sweaters/hoodies do you have?
I don't know, but it's a lot

45» Favourite lyrics right now?
"One, don't pick up the phone
You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone"

That's it for today! I hope you liked to know a little bit more about me, since I've never done one of this articles. Please, read my other articles as well

Lots of love ♡