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"Don't talk to me, I'm on my period."

October 8, 2017

Periods. Not only do they mean full stop but it also means that your egg hasn't been fertilised and is making its way out. Not only does your egg leave your system when it hasn't been fertilised, if your body thinks it's a trash one it will dispose of it. Girls get their periods between the ages of 9 - 15. (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later).
If you haven't had the talk I would politely ask you to leave as I don't want to teach you things you may not want to know just yet.

What to expect -

When you get your period you may feel it, as in you can feel how wet it is or you can feel it come out of your hoo ha (vagina). Though most times you don't even feel it!
Your period blood doesn't have a strong smell. If you go off on how long your meant to wear a tampon or pad for then no one should smell it. Keep in mind you should wash regularly to wash off the smell and old blood is what gets the smell happening when it's exposed to air.

How heavy the flows are during the cycle
Everyone will bleed differently some more whilst others less. Your flow will be heavier during the first couple of days and slowly ease off. You may feel like your loosing a lot of blood but your only losing 2 table spoons!
If your period is going on for longer then expected or bleeding more blood then usual then go see a doctor.

How to know your period is coming

You may notice that your period is on its way if you've started to notice different things about you.

• Emotional
• Getting fuller breasts
• Clumsy
• Being bloated in the stomach


The pain you'll get is called cramps, otherwise people might know it when your uterus is squeezing. Why? To help push the blood through.
At times it may be really painful, so here are some ideas to help reduce that pain.

Don't be to extreme if you don't want to irritate your breasts. Swimming is extremely helpful and same with a nicely paced walk.

Stay calm
Being stressed can make the cramps worse so find some quiet, occupying things to do to help keep calm and relaxed.

Heat pack
Keep the heat pack warm and not hot.

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