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- hii guys! below are some easy steps to (re - ) organize your room.

s t i c k t o a b u d g e t
think and plan what you will spend on your room. keep a safe budget and buy things what you really need and think will be a great addition to your room.

s t a r t f r e s h
start this process by getting rid of any garbage and by donating anything you do not need/use.

s t i c k t o a t h e m e
if you would like to make your room more appealing/cute then have a theme. (ex. girly, bohemian, fresh) you can buy things within your budget to go with your theme.

w a l l d e c o r a t i o n s
add pictures, posters, fairy lights or any other decor what will go with your theme. if you have polaroid pictures, you can hang polaroids or make a collage. hanging fairy lights in your room will make it cozy and cute!

s t o r a g e
it is important to have storage in your room to keep everything neat and organized. you can get cute baskets or bins to store stuff as well.

m a k e i t y o u r s
a room is not yours until you add your own personal touches. you can add some diys or anything what makes your room yours.

hope this article helped!

qota: what color is your room?

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