Hi again Hearters!!
So I deal with a bit of social anxiety myself and I wanted to share with the all some tips to help you through an anxious moment or to calm yourself down if you feel a panic attack coming on.

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Why Do We Get Anxiety

So to start of this post I want to talk a little bit about why we get anxiety because knowing why is the first step to recovery. So people get anxious about many different things examples are; some people get scared in crowded places, or meeting new people, some people get anxious about using public transport or wold events. There are so many different things people get anxious about but it all comes from our 'flight or fight response'.
This 'fight or fight response' is your bodies reaction to danger, it kicks in some times when there's no danger. This is what happens when we get anxious, your brain begins to think 'DANGER, DANGER!!' and then these messages are sent all over your body putting you into 'fight or flight mode'. Flight or fight is the reason your breathing begins or quicken because your body is getting ready to fight the danger or getting ready to run (flight) from the danger.
The problem with this and anxiety is your brain detects danger when there is none so your body gets into fight or flight mode when it is not needed.

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Tip 1; 5 Things

5 things is a strategy to ground you and keep your mind off something. 5 things almost feels like a game you can play with yourself.
So to do this '5 things' you need to start of with looking around you and find
5 thing you can see,
4 things you can touch,
3 things you can hear,
2 things you can smell and
1thing you can taste.
This helps steady to and make you feel as though your in control of your surroundings again. It can also help distract your mind from over thinking.

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Tip 2; Breathing

Breathing is really good for calming you down and letting your body know that you are safe. A good breathing rhythm to go through is to breath in through your nose for 5 seconds, holding that for 7 seconds than slowly breathing out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Do this as many times as you need it might take a couple minutes and a couple try's to fully start calming down.

Tip 3; Mind Set

Changing your mind set on the whole situation can calm you down and lower your anxiety. This one is very simple you just need to tell your self, "I'm fine", "this will pass", "ill be okay" this will change you whole mind set. Your body will begin to realise that its safe and okay so your anxious feelings will go down.

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That's all for this post hearters, I hope you liked it and I really hope it helped one of yous.
Beth xx