I wrote this last year in my junior year in high school It was a school project and I've decided to write about loving yourself. I found some quotes and put them in my own words and the rest coming from my heart. That was the time I was having some trouble loving myself and reading after what I have written really opened my eyes and I hope it does the same to you and make you realize that all you need in life is yourself. Enjoy :)

You don't need him. You don't need her. You don't need anyone. You're searching for something in other people that you can't find, but only in yourself. All you want is to be happy and to be loved. You don;t need anyone in your life to feel happy and to be loved, all you need is yourself. They say that if you find someone who loves you and your flaws, you'll be okay, but you don'y need someone else to love you. If you don't love yourself, you'll always be chasing after people who don't love you either. Nobody can make you happy until you;re happy with yourself. Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with approval of others. All you need is to believe in yourself. Always believe in yourself, because if you don't then who will? Don't be unhappy with yourself. Don't be ashamed of your own flaws. Don't be afraid to be unique. Don't be insecure. Most important of all, don't be afraid to be yourself. You're scared. Why? Why are you scared to be yourself? Stop swallowing your words. Stop worrying about what other people think. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your flaws, but instead, you should love them, Without those things you wouldn't be you. And being you is amazing. Your imperfections is what makes you who you are. Even if it makes you different because being different is good, it makes you even more beautiful. Don't let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with. Be confident with who you are. Say whatever you want, dress however makes you feel beautiful, listen to whatever touches your heart, eat whatever you want. It's you life, it's your choice. Your happiness should never depend on someone else. This life is yours. When are you going to realize that you can do whatever you want? Love yourself first, because that's who you'll be spending the rest of your life with.

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