Hi guys, all right?

Today I'm gonna tell for you guys some of the books that I read and love so much. LET'S GO

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  • 1 - Paper Towns
I love John Green's books and paper towns captivated me so much I read in 1 day! The drama, adventure and mystery of the book fascinated me.
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John Green
  • 2 - Outlander: the time traveler
The Outlander series of books is unbelievably wonderful. Author of the book Diana Gabaldon, in this first edition of Time Traveler, tells the story of Claire, a super empowered and passionate woman who served for years as a nurse in World War II. On a post-war journey with her husband she goes through a time slot and ends up in Scotland in 1743. The book is sensational and shows a lot of female empowerment, GIRL POWER!
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Diana Gabaldon
  • 3 - Friday the 13th - crystal lake archives
This book is insane! Even more for those who love horror stories like Friday the 13th. The book is like a biography or backstage of the film. Author David Grove interviewed almost everyone who participated in the film, from actors to directors and makeup artists. The reader will find reports of how the planning, the execution, the filming, the legacy of the film.
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David Grove

Thats it guys, thanks for read, love all <3

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