Kendall Nicole Jenner. Her style can be described as undoubtedly chic, elegant and with a hint of vintage glamour. Kendall's wardrobe effortlessly flatters her 5'10 physique.

Let's break this down.

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Kendall, being in the fashion industry she is able to adapt her style to relevant fashion trends and with her many social platforms she is able to connect and influence her fans and followers.

How Kendall uses social media to promote her style:

Kendall Jenner has over 80 million followers on Instagram, the most popular forum of self promotion. She is able to reach many of her fans by posting pictures which capture her recent outfits and fashion choices.

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Isn't Kendall just a gem!

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Kendall's Street Style:

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Outfit 1

This outfit is 'chill' yet sophisticated. Kendall has paired a white cropped singlet top with what appears to be a khaki coloured skirt. Her Louis Vuitton handbag slouches over her shoulder. Effortlessly styled hair can look sophisticated at the same time as easy and laid back. The contrast between her tanned skin and her neutral makeup creates a natural glow to this look. For some reason, I am getting early 2000's vibes from this outfit.

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Outfit 2

This outfit is perfect for a everyday look. Dressed down by the white flat shoes and her large denim jacket. The denim jacket adds a vintage element to the outfit. She has paired silver jewellery which matches her silver chained handbag. Her dress is a faded army pattern and flatters her long legs. Her makeup again, seems minimal and her hair is again, effortlessly done.

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Outfit 3

This outfit is stunning. One of my all time favourites of Kendall's. The square neck lined silky peachy yellow top is gorgeous on Kendall. Her jeans hug her natural slim curves and her high top white sneakers create a comfortable appeal to this outfit. Her necklace frames her neckline and matches the gold rim of the glasses. Her red lipstick really pops with her dark eyebrows and hair. The natural fairness of Kendall's skin is what makes this outfit so delicate and flattering.

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Outfit 4

This is an outfit only Kendall could pull off. Her lacy black bralette styled with her earthy toned slouchy coat hints both the modern trends and vintage appeal. Her shiny black boots and her denim ripped jeans contradict each other in the respect, leather and ripped denim. Leather, never ripped always polished, denim ripped and stretched.

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Outfit 5

This Kendall outfit looks like she has stepped right out of a fashion shoot. From her 'glowy' makeup to her again shiny boots. Kendall looks flawless. I love her green toned puffer jacket paired with tight jeans. Sunglasses have really finished off this look.

Kendall's 'Dressy' Style:

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Outfit 1

This outfit is sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Kendall's long legs and slim waist and petit chest emphasise the delicate yet sexy appeal of this outfit. Her skin is tanned to better blend with the dark colours. Her hair is done in a top knot which perfectly creates a longer effect to the outfit. Her pant suit seem to flare out which creates a 70's vintage feel mixed with the recent uproar of the chocker since the 90's. Red lips being the only pop of colour seems to draw much attention to her face and lips.

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Outfit 2

The simplicity of this dress style allows the loud texture to be worn without looking 'overdone'. Kendall again has natural minimal makeup and her hair is curled at the ends. Her dangling earrings match her dress and create a sense of glamour to this outfit.

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Outfit 3

A pantsuit never has looked so flattering on a feminine model before. The squared shoulder pads flatter Kendall's slim frame and the crop top allows some skin to show around her mid-section. Her gold detailing is gorgeous and our eyes are drawn to it. Her hair is parted on the left and is curled to one side. This outfit is chic and masculine, yet feminine at the same time.

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Outfit 4

This outfit is vintage and feminine. Her round 70's sunglasses match perfectly with her vintage lacy flower sun dress.

Her outfits can be recreated by vintage/ thrift shopping, looking through mums closet hoping to find an oversized denim jacket. Getting some expensive designer pieces to accessorise. Or even going to Topshop/ HNM to pick up some block colour basics.

Happy styling xo, Mia

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