Everybody have a dream, when we are a teenager we think that we have the world in our hands, we dont acept that our parents or teachers say to us what things do, we feel that everything is possible and sky is not the limit.
Today i am 18 years old, i always say that i have a happy life, i live with my parents, study the career i want and i have all i need, but i dont know, sometimes i feel that is not enough, that i need to do more for my life, my parents always give me everything and i feel just like a empty soul.
I want to work for my future, live many adventures, feel complete, i want that my parents feel proud of me, this is my biggest purpose.

The only thing that i know is, dreams are bigger than us, we can come true it if we work for it, love laugh and live everyday, no matter what.
Write this was so good for me, i feel like another person, this is mot a joke, i think i have problems with myself, im so shy and silly, so when i wrote this here my soul change.