I used to think we were inseparable. We'd spend everyday together at school, but now that I think of it, in the end we never saw each other outside that damned building.
We bonded with our humor and interests. I was never sure why you hung out with me, in looks we were not on the same level, never will be. But you still cared for me.

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All those late nights when you were drinking, I was there to make sure you didn't do anything extremely stupid. All those chats you had with the boys you liked, I heard about them. All the heartbreak that he caused you, I was there to comfort you. I was living those typical teenager moments through you. But then again, I wasn't interested in living them myself, so I just lived as your shadow, spectating your actions.

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She was there too. It was the three of us, against everything. First her and me were closer. Then you and me were closer for change. And then she wasn't a part of us anymore. She found the right people for her, who she was so similar with. You and me didn't mind. Or atleast I didn't mind. We were still us.

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Except we weren't anymore. I was there when you were drinking, but I knew you would take care of yourself, or someone else there would. You stopped telling me about the new "him". I was being me and you were being you, in the same space but so, so far away. I almost told you one day that I didn't think we were close anymore, that maybe we should try to fix this or just give it up.
But I was too afraid that you would give up on me.
I'd be all alone.
And that is what I were.

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Vacation. No school. So we didn't talk. And I thought it was okay. I had always been fine being on my own for a while.
School started. I wasn't in the best mood on the first day. I walked in to the class room, and I didn't say hi. Neither did you.
So many times I've wondered, if I'd just said hello, how would things be now.
Would I have still stayed and still be friends with the ones that I didn't belong to. Ones that didn't truly understand me.
I told myself over and over again that you weren't good for me. You didn't treat me right. I nearly, just almost believed that.

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I was depressed. I had been for a while, but I didn't really know what it was. I don't know when or why it started. The only thing I fear, is that you caused this to me. That losing you made me lose my mind. That you were too important to me, when I felt that you didn't care about me at all.

And I don't care about you, I tell myself,

but why am I crying while writing this?

journal post 8th of october, 2017, 5:47 am