I was told never to start anything with "Hi my name is..." so I won't be doing that, if you care enough you can use my pen name, that's on my profile. I want to start a weekly thing where I post an article of things I want people to know.

Now that all the people who have decided that this article will be boring have left, let’s move on.

Like love yourself, and things that may help you become a better person. I know I have things I should change about myself like the fact I don't often say how I really feel to someone, and for the kind of advice I want to make yourself a better person. You can't change unless you want to, only you can change you.

This article is focused on manners. I was raised with lots of manners, and I know that some people aren't and that is nobody's fault, but I just wanted to share some tips, things I see very often that could help you become a better and friendlier person.

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Let's start with interacting with other people:
A greeting. Whether it's a stranger, or someone you've known for forever.

Strangers: I can't tell you how much it makes my day when a stranger gives me a polite "hello", they made that effort to acknowledge that you are existing. maybe they didn't do it for any reason to be polite but that's awesome, they felt compelled to be polite towards you even if you didn't even notice them.
Friends: My best friend of 5 years still yells hello to me when we see each other. It may seem pointless to say it to someone you’ve known for so long but sometimes when I’m a little down it reminds me how important it is to her for me to be happy when she yells hello so over-enthusiastically.

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I will list things you don't point out to someone:
~Body hair in places you're not used to
~Fat rolls/curves
~How much or little they eat
~What bones you can see because of how skinny they are
~How fat they are
~If they have crooked/misaligned teeth
~If they sweat a lot
~Anything on their face that takes more than five seconds to remove

That's all I can think of currently but this is very important because pointing these out t people can cause them to feel insecure. if you're really good friends maybe you can ask or say something in private but frankly it's none of your business unless you're worried they are/were hurt.

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I have so many other things I could talk about but that'll be in the next article, if I can keep to the weekly schedule. You can find my other articles in a collection on my profile, or use the link below.