"How many people know I exist?" He said looking straight up into the sky.
"Not many." I chuckled. "I'm more of a silent breeze. Calm and easy to miss."
"How many people know about me?" I asked turning to him.
"Not many." He chuckled. "I'm more of a strong wind. Tough and to be reckoned with."
"So which of us do you think people see more often?"
"That depends." He turned to look at me. "They often don't see what is real. They see what they want to see."
"So what do you think an open person sees?"
"They see both of us. Just as one entity, alternating." He shrugged and turned back to the sky. "They see contradiction. Loud and silent, storm and calm. But even their depiction can be wrong."
"How so?" I asked also turning back to the sky.
"They don't know which person goes with which personality. The times they see you, your radiance could be linked to the loud personality, and mine could be the silent one. Or vice versa. Depends on what they know. Or at least what they think they know."
"So who do you think really knows us?" I turned back to him again.
"Only those willing to learn." He smiled.
I smiled too. "I'm guessing they're also the only ones who can see the both of us clearly. Not alternating or individually like most."


Image hearted from: @OpheliaBliss123