Hi, here are six poems I wrote. Not all are autumn inspired but yeah...

And when you sleep
The night gets darker
The stars trapped
Behind your eyelids

I mean it's so much easier
to pretend to enjoy
the natural, the right, the presence of light
it's easier to pretend to be mellow
speaking only to say hello
or not at all
To be a curtain half drawn
so sunlight isn’t pawned
easy, to roll your eyes at the things you love
like paints! cassettes and old foreign songs

Why? To ask is criminal,
No cause exists to be liminal

It’s without treason to everyone else
It’s comfortable labour

To live just as expected
To not want to be suspected

Living in the skin of your neighbour
What’s foreign to ears is foreign to peers

a choice in the heart needs mass approval to start
wanting favour from our neighbours neighbours neighbour

But can a blanket filled with holes
Really keep you warm

A simple word,
that encompasses all my feelings totally.
Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Emptiness.
Always totally immersed in them.
And like water,
sometimes I glide past the rocks on my back, face in the sun.
Other times, I hit them.
They hit me.
And i am immersed.

Orange is fire
or raging desire
to fall from the branch
and lay over stone
to be in the middle
of insanity and hope

Orange is warmth
and hands set forth
to twine and tangle
on bark benches with endings
that spread overhead
letting lust be fed
after summers pretence

Orange is death
still coloured so sweetly
to hear ever crunch
feel heaven so meekly
under my feet
and over so quickly

The seas colour warms me
On a train ride by the rain beach
The roughness of the wind below
The silver tracks and white bleached snow
And most of all
In trajectory, in reflection
I see you.

underneath my ceiling is a mask
to ask to see
to ask to feel
to interrogate on the unreal real
is more yet less than sinful
looming ghosts unsettle no one
natural, not uncommon
to let them attach to us, each
knows the fears they feed us
are what we seek