Hey guys, today I'll be talking about how to make a cute outfit for falls by telling u a few of the key staples of fall. ENJOY!!!


I don't know about you, but fall in New York usually requires a jacket. Leather ones and bomber jackets are usually the best for fall. You can pair it with literally anything you want, a dress, jeans, or sweats. The possibilities are endless!

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Jackets make every outfit so much better


Next up are sweaters. Sweaters are the prime necessity of fall, besides pumpkin spice lattes. Sweaters are just so comfy. Loose sweaters just scream fall. Wearing a loose and baggy sweater on a rainy day is one of my favorite outfit ideas.

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Long Cardigans

If it's too hot where you live to be wearing sweaters and jackets, you have one more option. You can always opt for a long cardigan.

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Long cardigans can also work for cold weather, just find one with a thicker fabric.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are also a great staple for fall. Not only are these jeans comfy but they also look so cool. I wear skinny jeans all the time, so mom jeans are a nice difference.

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you can pair this up with anything you want. A jacket, a sweater, or a long cardigan.


Boots scream fall. It is finally time for uggs, or any other type of boot. The best color to are of course the classic black. You can also buy tan/brown, grey, and maroon. The size doesn't really matter. They could be ankle boots, or they could reach all the way to your knees, it doesn't matter.

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That's all for now. My next entry will be about fall makeup