day one, a song that makes you happy :)

i got u-duke dumont and jax jones
gives me those tingles of summer and summer makes me happiest :)

beach beach beach beach
from my tropical collection

day two, a song that makes me sad :(

space song-beach house
this song has SO much meaning to me i honestly can't explain it, if you haven't heard it go listen then you will see what i mean. melancholy and nostalgic but beautiful.

art art earth Superthumb
my lunar collection

day three, my favourite song

video games-lana del rey
okay so i have loved this song since it came out and i heard it on the radio in 2012 & since then lana has been and always will be my favourite artist. i love this song and for me, the lyrics are about the pain, or illusion of happiness loving somebody who fails to love you back. the atmosphere of the song just makes me feel so happy but sad all at once. the video is so beautiful. effortless art. i could probably go on forever but I'm sure you get the point. video games will forever be my favourite.

day four, an underappreciated song.

peaches-in the valley below
i love the sound and lyrics of this song makes me just feel happy and you should listen to it because it is SO good.

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review
from my peachy keen collection.

day five, a song that reminds you of your favourite season.

so i already said in day one that summer is my favourite season, but my second favourite summer film is from the beach with leonardo dicaprio and i adore this song more than words, reminds me of a tropical island and being with the person you love.

beach beach bird beach
from my beach collection.

day six, a song that reminds you of yourself.

alone-petit biscuit
i can't even i found this song like 2 years ago and it makes me think about life and me and the future so much idk what I'm saying but i love it.

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
from my blushing collection

day seven, a song that reminds you of somewhere.

florida kilos-lana del rey
hahah i know its about drugs & everything but I've always dreamed about going to america nd i went to florida last year and driving around listening to this song ahhhh i miss it.

Beverly Hills phone aesthetic aesthetic
from my july collection

day eight, a song that reminds you of someone

star eyes-flume
reminds me of the love of my life AKA leonardo dicaprio. he's my dream man how beautiful is he like i don't even know how someone can look that good marry me pls.

boy 90s Superthumb boy
from my leonardo dicaprio collection.

day nine, an unreleased song

cherry blossom-lana del rey
this song is SOSOSO amazing like i need it released because i could just listen to it all day. dreamy and beautiful lyrics and incredible too.

flowers aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
from my cherry blossom collection.

day ten, a song to sleep to.

we can't be friends-dream koala
veryyyyyyyy relaxing and makes me feel happy and sleepy

green green green bed
from my deep in the jungle collection.

day eleven, current obsession.

love hate thing remix
im in LOVE with this song it reminds me of happy things and being in love with someone who loves you even more and all those beautiful things i hope to have one day :)

Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review aesthetic girl aesthetic
from my blurry collection

day twelve, a song you want at your wedding.

home-edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
just love it.

art glitter aesthetic animal
from my tan collection

day thirteen, a song you want at your funeral.

femme fatale-the velvet underground
after video games, i want this played at my funeral. its one of my favourites its so happy but sad and i hope i am remembered by a song like this :)

aesthetic nice aesthetic aesthetic
from my only sunshine collection

day fourteen, a song from your childhood.

party in the usa-miley cyrus
my jAm okay its so good i still love it now. the old disney channel was just so good nothing compares to suite life of deck, hannah montana, wizards of wavily place, my whole childhood.

50s aesthetic Flagged For Review This image was flagged for review. Thanks for your patience while we confirm the image is safe for our community! aesthetic
from my american dream collection.

day fifteen, a song with a name in the title.

corrine-black honey

animal gold flowers aesthetic
from my pink pearls collection

day sixteen, a song with a name in the title.

blue jeans-lana del rey

animal beach blue aesthetic
from my frosted collection

day seventeen, a song with a number in the title

5 years time-noah and the whale

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day eighteen, a song from a movie.

heroes-david bowie
from the perks of being a wallflower i adore this song its so good i want it at my funeral it reminds me of that beaut scene where he just lets go and is finally free which i love.

aesthetic aesthetic free beach
from my long road trips collection

day nineteen, a song to travel to.

you-petit biscuit
vvvvv nostalgic perfect for night time flights. any petit song is good but i especially love you has sad but happy vibes i luv it.

dark adventure adventure dark

day twenty, a song from the year you were born.

hey ya-outkast

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from my olive and myrtle collection.

day twenty one, a song by your favourite band.

across the universe-the beatles
theres like a space theme as you can see I'm very interested in astrology and stuff but i really do love this song and i have been brought up listening to the beatles so i love them :)

home blue city architecture
from my early morning walks collection.

day twenty two, a song by your favourite artist.

radio-lana del rey
i could pick any song but its the first song i could think of. i have loved lana since 2011 when born to die came out and i first heard video games on the radio and i instantly fell in love with her voice and the sound of her music. i love her sososo much i could go on forever but i can't really explain it clearly. i honestly have no words.

bands, summertime sadness, and dark image
from my lana collection.

day twenty three, a song without words.

holidays and walking along a beach with your friend(lover) while the sun is setting and all the sky is pinks blues and purples and the sound on the waves is so relaxing omg thats what vibes i get from this song.

france animal aesthetic beach
from my lilacs collection.

day twenty four, your favourite lyrics.

bel air-lana del rey
BEAUTIFUL. the lyrics are so good like so so good. peace beauty a good relationship. heavenly. ethereal.

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
from my ethereal collection.

day twenty five, a song that makes you feel alive.

ride-lana del rey

who are you?
are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?

i have
i am fucking crazy
but i am free.