This is a list of my favourite VOCALOID producers whom I want to appreciate in this article.This is subjective opinion based on personal taste, so in no way am I a critic saying these producers are above the rest and the others are sub-par. Every VOCALOID producer is great in their own way. The purpose of this list is to help those who want some VOCALOID recommendations, whether they are new to the community and do not know where to start or simply fans who want to get to know some producers. I hope you discover someone you like! (^_^)

Note: This list will be divided into parts, so it does not become too long. This is Part 1 (n_n)

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• Orangestar

Orangestar, also (less commonly) known as Mikansei-P, is my personal all-time favourite. His music is mostly piano and guitar based, but is sometimes enhanced by weaving in electronic sounds. He mainly uses IA and occasionally Hatsune Miku. IA's tuning is done so that particular sound is unique to Orangestar. His songs are both atmospheric and powerful, heightening the emotion he wants to convey. His build up in the verses and release into the chorus is particularly skillful and striking. He creates a mixture of both graceful slow songs and lively to adrenaline-pumping fast-paced songs, but both in my opinion are beautiful. The most common theme of his songs are usually the recognition of sadness and doubt but healing it with hope and love for another. Due to this, his two albums thus far - Mikansei Eight Beats and Seaside Soliloquies - feels like you are taken on a personal journey of his. He also occasionally includes real-world audio in his music, such as the cries of cicadas in his first album and the sound of the seaside in his second, particularly the lulling of the tide, feet running through the sand and the unique audio experience of being enveloped by the water, giving you the illusion, when using headphones, that it is you who is submerged. Additionally, his music videos are sometimes captivating to watch, with them using simple yet effective animation and the art - especially the colour palette - is simply stunning. In Seaside Soliloquies he also included several piano versions of his songs as hidden tracks alongside an acoustic version of his most successful song on the album, followed by the instrumental version of that acoustic version. You can tell that Orangestar puts dedication and heart into everything.

Introductory/Segway Song Recommendations:

- Night Sky Patrol of Tommorow / Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan / アスノヨゾラ哨戒班
- Spinning Sky Rabbit / 回る空うさぎ
- Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas / イヤホンと蝉時雨
- Daydream Skytrain / 空奏列車
- Unfinished Time Limiter / 未完成タイムリミッタ
- 快晴

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(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Spinning Sky Rabbit MV, Mikansei Eight Beats Album Cover, Seaside Soliloqiues Album Cover, Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow MV
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• Utsu-P

In high contrast to Orangestar, Utsu-P (literally translated to 'Depression-P') is the go-to VOCALOID producer for metal music. He is renowned for heavy bass lines and getting his software to grunt, growl, shout and scream. If you need to head-bang, Utsu-P really has you covered. His songs are intense musically but so are his lyrics - the usual themes are about negative human emotions (such as suffering or greed) and pessimistic and nihilistic views on humanity and the world. His music videos are just as aggressive as his music and some of his music videos are borderline bizarre, which contribute to the dark yet satirical ideas he sometimes expresses. He thrives on the disturbing and grotesque. (Therefore, a warning for younger viewers - his lyrics can be explicit and may not be suitable for you.) While Utsu-P uses voice-banks such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, GUMI and v Flower he has also collaborated with utaite SEKIHAN to create an album, SEKIHAN covering the songs of the original album. Utsu-P is perfect for people who love rock music with meaningful lyrics. (Probably hence the reason why Utsu-P has to be my second favourite producer.) It is safe to say that he is likely considered the King of 'VOCALOUD' in the community.

Introductory/Segway Song Recommendations:

- Living Ghost is Alive
- The Massacre of Magic
- Human Error ft SEKIHAN
- Nyan-spoken Understanding / ニャン黙の了解
- Terror Storyteller
- Fools Are Attracted to Anomaly
- Ramen Shop "GROTESQUE"

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(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom) GALAPAGOS Album Cover, Living Ghost is Alive MV, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Album Cover, Ramen Shop "GROTESQUE" MV)