i’m not sure if i’ve ever told you but you’re always on my mind. everything i do, reminds me of something that you said or did. everything that happens around me, my brain subconsciously reaches for a way to bring that thing back to you; to think of you.

for a period of time you made me happy, and that time's still ticking. i don’t want it to be ticking, but it is, and it’s something i can’t help which makes it all the more frustrating. no matter how much effort i put into it, i just can’t seem to shake the thought of you.

i can’t listen to a song without thinking about whether or not you’d like it. i can’t watch a movie without thinking about the questions you would be asking me and i can’t even sleep without remembering the times we lay in my bed together.

to stop thinking about you i would have to stop thinking overall, i would have to terminate that voice in my mind that narrates every little thing that my eyes comprehend.

i’d have to lose a part of myself to finally get rid of you.