hi! for those of you who don't know, i'm peachy, an emotional and sleepy girl. i have been doin' weekly zodiac posts because i think astrology is pretty cool! if you'd like to see last week's article you could go here:

i decided to do an anime article because i'm in love with it, and if you're wanting to get into it too, this is a good place to find new anime to watch + shows to get you started!
some of these shows are fairly new and have debuted in 2017, some are ongoing, and some have new seasons that have started recently, so it's not too late to catch up with the newest & popular anime
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each zodiac sign has an anime title to match your result! scroll down to find your sign and see what you got! ♡

✲ aries - madoka magica
this anime is thrilling, complex, and compelling, just like you!

gif, puella magi madoka magica, and magia record image
this anime is a series along with 3 movies. it seems like a light-spirited and whimsical, shoujo, but gets very deep, psychological, and complex. in other words, it's a fucked up anime that you can't put down.

✲ taurus - shape of voice
this anime is moving, deep, and thought-provoking, just like you are!

anime, movie, and gif image
this is unfortunately a movie and not a series, but is still definitely worth watching! the anime features the the emotional and unique relationship between a deaf girl and her bully years later when her bully looks for her and apologizes, and they both end up falling in love with each other.

✲ gemini - beyond the boundary
this anime is whimsical, emotional, and enchanting, just like you are!

anime, gif, and beyond the boundary image
cute protagonists, fantasy, and an emotional plot will draw you into beyond the boundary! it unfortunately has a small number of episodes, but is still worth the watch!

✲ cancer - love live!! sunshine!
this anime is uplifting, funny, and vibrant, just like you!

anime girl, beautiful, and cute image
love live sunshine focuses around a girl idol group of 9 diverse and lovable members called aqours, who are trying to make it big and become famous school idols in their very small japanese town. they are inspired by a former idol group called u's, and aqours is determined to save their school just like u's did theirs. the second season of this anime just aired TODAY! don't miss it!
anime, nico yazawa, and rin hoshizora image
the visual above is the original idol group, u's the original love live. love live sunshine is the continuation of the love live anime, that takes place 3 years after u's disbanded.

✲ leo - tsukiuta
this anime is silly, delightful, and cute, just like you!

anime, gif, and anime boy image
tsukiuta is a musical idol, slice-of-life show featuring 2 male idol groups with 6 members. the anime shows funny and adorable moments about their lives living together in the studio dorms up until their joint performance together!
anime, gif, and haru image
there is also a new season called tsukipro, the continuation of this anime that just started airing YESTERDAY! tsukipro features four more new idol groups and the two beloved groups from tsukiuta. the visual of the cute boy above isn't from the new groups, i just couldn't find any tsukipro pics...

✲ virgo - kimi ni todoke
this anime is positive, radiating, and adorable, just like you!

anime, kimi ni todoke, and gif image
kimi ni todoke is a romance anime with a 3rd season rumoured to come, featuring two lovable, yet awkward lovers and their funny friends.

✲ sagittarius -boku no hero academia
this anime is lovable, interesting, and charismatic, just like you are!

gif and boku no hero academia image
boku no hero academia is a very popular action anime with romance, humour, and a serious and suspenseful plot with inspiring messages.

✲ libra - my little monster
this anime is enjoyable, fun, and lovely, just like you are!

anime, love, and couple image
my little monster is another romance anime that has finished a while ago, but is still worth watching with unique and unpredictable main lovers and will make you feel happy & warm inside.

✲ scorpio - touken ranbu
this anime is passionate and expressive, but can be playful and silly as well, just like you!

anime, cute, and touken ranbu image
the anime is a game adaption that has two different 'seasons' which are not related to each other. the visual above is from touken ranbu hanamaru, which is the light, happy slice-of-life version of touken ranbu.
anime, gif, and one piece image
the visual above is from katsugeki touken ranbu, the more serious and plot-oriented version, consisting of blood, violence, and that wonderful action. however, both versions have pretty sword boys!!

✲ capricorn - little witch academia
this anime is inspiring, uplifting, and positive, just like you are!

gif image
before this became a full 25-episode anime that aired just this january, there were 2 movies. the anime differs from the movie plot-wise, but they both capture the same whimsical and adorable essence!

✲ aquarius - your name
this anime is beautiful, emotional, and meaningful, just like you!

gif, your name, and anime image
this is unfortunately not a full anime but a movie that aired around spring of this year, however it is worth watching because it's a riveting sci-fi fantasy with an unique kind of romance.

✲ pisces - your lie in april
this anime is unique, enthralling, and captivating, just like you are!

anime, your lie in april, and manga image
this anime seems light-hearted and lovely at first, but it gets sad and emotional!