Hi cuties! In this article I´m going to share w you some of my favorite places. Tbh they are incredible. I hope you´ll like it:

1. Geyser Fly, Nevada, United States

travel image

I think this place is soooo amazing. It seems like it's not real. Really I want to travel here

2. Great Blue Hole, Belize

incredible, places, and travel image

OMG! I consider myself a fan of the turquoise beaches and white sand, and this is a good example. Amazing!

3. The lakes of Plitvice, Croatia

Croatia, cute, and incredible image

I love Croatia, its green landscapes and full of nature ...

4. Icebergs with colored stripes, Antarctica

mountains, travel, and snow image

I love everything about snow. I want to travel here

5. Étretat and the Coast of Albatre, France

places and travel image

So beautiful, I love France!

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

incredible and travel image

I think it´s one of the most incredible places in the world

7. The white waterfall of Pamukkale, Turkey

travel image

omg so beautiful

Hi again! Well, this is my first article and idk if I have done it well. Anyway, see u in my next one. Kisses babeeeees 💜