i am going to try and do the 15 day writing challenge


day 1: introduce yourself

hi!! i'm emma and i'm from the uk. i wasn't exactly sure what should be in an introduction so i got some inspiration from other ppl's about me articles

my history on whi

i first joined whi in november 2012 on a different account that i honestly just want to forget about bc it was my username and pictures were just embarrassing lmao. i made this account in september 2013 and i also had some bad usernames until changing my username to induced in november 2014 (i hope this username isn't too bad). i did some email digging for these dates and i cringed so much at the stuff i found.

i used to make a lot of edits and i've been meaning to get back into that but i'm lazy and unmotivated af

these are my most hearted edits

female 1999 eyes mean girls

interests/stuff i like

music: i love the 1975, lana del rey, bts and so many others.

movies: my favourite movies are fight club, drive and the perks of being a wallflower

tv shows: i don't have an ultimate fave tv show, but some shows that i really like are shameless, skins, tvd, gossip girl and peaky blinders

i'm not sure what else to add i'm pretty boring so i've found a random 20 questions thing (what are these called? just 20 questions?)

1. things you cannot leave the house without? my phone and money
2. favourite brand of makeup? i love anastasia beverly hills
3. favourite flowers? peonies
4. favourite clothing stores?
5. favourite perfume? i don't really buy much perfume, but the victoria bombshell one is nice
6. heels or flats? flats
7. do you get good grades? i think my grades are pretty good, but not the best
8. favourite colours? red and blue
9. do you drink energy drinks? no they taste so bad
10. do you drink juice? mainly orange juice
11. do you like swimming? i can't even swim lmao
12. do you eat fries with a fork? only when they're greasy af
13. what's your favourite moisturiser? i have never really thought about it. the aloe vera one from the body shop is great though.
14. do you want to get married later on in life? i'm undecided
15. do you get mad easily? i don't think i get mad easily, more irritated
16. are you into ghost hunting? no way
17. any phobias? spiders spiders spiders. actually any arachnid
18. do you bite your nails? no
19. have you ever had a near death experience? yes
20. do you drink coffee? no