heeyoo thereee CX
for those who have no idea what to watch... during autumn break... i've decided to suggest u some of my fav tv shows/movies :D ! it's not exactly halloween themed... but ehh

Warm bodies

warm bodies image
if you've finally found the luv of your life... or want to be sober bc u haven't found one yet... watch this great and unusual form of a love story to have a romantic movie night. Basically about love between a zombie and a human being ^^ (the actor is hooot gahhh)

American horror story - Season 7, CULT

Image by Señorita de Billy
AHS is like the best horror show for me. It has got everything; romance, scary shit and hot actors/actresses. And the new season is definitely a thing to watch in October! Even tho its theme is kinda odd? omm .. whateva

American horror story - Season 3, COVEN

american horror story, ahs, and coven image
This ahs season is my most fave one! Like it gives me some kind of cool and aesthetic vibe. Everything is on point; the storyline, plot twist, acting and atmosphere. Also I am into witchcraft ^^ You can also watch other ahs seasons, but i suggested u my faves.
NOTE: you can use the idea given above, with your family members or your friends XD I might try it lol. But i wear black 24/7 so i don't think that'd make a difference :') and nu, i am not exactly emo
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SCREAM movie/s

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Halloween without Scream? Um... no. I honestly never get tired of watching Scream movies. Part 4 is my fave :) Btw Emma Roberts and Lucy Hale play there!


it, clown, and pennywise image
It is pretty popular. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about it. I haven't watched it yet XD But i will soon! I mean.. doesn't it look awesome? Look up the main actor ; sooo attractive * ... * not in the movie tho xDD

Annabelle 1 & 2

Image by kelly
If you're scared of dolls... do not watch this! warned you :3 If you've decided to be brave and make your fear go away, then do watch this! it has got 2 parts. Basically a story about a doll haunting people around cx So yah.. you do not mess with dolls!


blood, carrie, and horror image
This movie is sooo amazing. It follows a story of a teenage witch who is struggling with life (urmmm..ME AF?). I absolutely adore the main actress ^^ and witchcraft xD so... witch you betta watch it!


maleficent, Angelina Jolie, and disney image
YAAAAAAAS, finally -w- I mean.. isn't this gif everything? If you've got a crush on Angelina Jolie, this movie's for you :D And Elle Fanning tho... her smile can like enlighten your mood cx It's not exactly spooky or anything. It's like a dark remake of Sleeping Beauty. Disney movies are my aesthetic.. and even darker remakes of it.. hell yasss

the Addams Family

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I haven't watched it yet... but i am definitely gonna! bc it's like also really popular. I've been told that it's got comedy in it. The girl above tho.. SO ME..lol.

Ok, i am dooone :D hope you added some movies/tv shows to your 'to-watch-list! And thx for reading this.. even tho i am sure no one will read this.. AHA I hate my life... and you have a good life ig ok i'll stop kms baiii ^^

~ Eva