A few months ago I started this new school. There was a girl (I met her in front of the school) who also was new. She didn't say her real name, but she introduced herself as Maraschino - like the cocktail cherry.

I liked her a lot because she was so nice to me. But differently to me she got a lot of friends on the first day.

After she made friends with so many people, I started to think that she sure didn't want to be friends with a shy little girl. But after our first lesson she asked me if I wanted to come over tonight, because she also invites a few of her friends from her old school.

I was so nervous, like... There will be a bunch of girls who all like each other and then there's ME?


Hey. Sorry, but I am not the best at english, and I don't life in an english speaking country. But hopefully you could still enjoy this article about how I met my friend Maraschino.
This one was very short but there are more storys about this awesome girl.