I just want to give a big thanks to everyone because you gave my last article so much love; it was even on the front page when I woke up out of four articles. That's amazing! Now let's dive into this next article which is, '5 types of guys you'd want as your boyfriend'. These are the guy's you'd see once in a great while or of course instagram, day dreaming about the day you'd capture one with your stunning looks. "Like hello, its me. Your future girlfriend.. I'm not getting any younger." Now without further or do, lets see what boys you'd see yourself with walking hand and hand together.

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1. sugar daddy

This category belongs to the guys with luscious floppy hair and bad boy baby faces. I mean it's literally a life goal to find a guy like this really. These types of dudes are a mix of old school and modern aesthetic at the same damn time, talk about sex and chocolate.

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2. savvy redbone

Okay first off, Reece King is gorgeous. If you don't know him, he's the man in the second picture. Yes, appreciation. Anyways, I have to make this next category to vogue light skins because of how they can make any relationship, relationship goals! If you love trendy clothing, he will have great respect for it like you and you two can pursue that photogenic lifestyle together. If you're short, he might be helping you reach what's on the top shelf as well.

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3. school boys

Those boys are the ones you sometimes question if they're really in high school. You may have potential ones at your school or just see them on your instagram feed as you scroll down. Growing up, you've had to at least crush on one in your life.

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4. heart throbber

Yep, the heart throbbing one that you usually fangirl about. Just the thought of this guy makes you want him more and more but of course, they're not always available, lol! These guys are the overly loved ones, the famous ones, and the dudes every girl likes.

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5. the asian boyfriend

Trendy Korean and Japanese guys are pretty photogenic. A Korean boyfriend reminds me of couple goals because they are so affectionate. These boys are happy to help you on anything you might need and are super lovey dovey. Either its a idol boyfriend you want or just a normal Korean/Japanese guy, they're both on point with dressing; just don't be alarmed if he out dresses you one day.

Those are all 5 boyfriends I have for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a great day my dudes, peace :)

October 7, 2017