Hi Cutties,

so, Winter is Coming, but first it comes Autumn. Even though I love Winter the most there are a lot of beautiful things in this season!

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My favourite thing is, without a question, how much colourful it can be! I love bringing out my sweaters and boots.

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There is nothing better than warm socks and a good book to make me happy. And there is Hallowe'en too!! Yay

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So, Fall Bucket Lists are everywhere and I decided to make my own. This is my goals for this season:

1 READ more books

I haven't read a lot lately and I really miss it. It is something that makes me feel whole. I enjoy discovering myself during the procedure. I am, definitely, a bookworm and it is sacred but figuring out what type of text, author and genre I like have been a very good experience to me.

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Also, I love to classify the books according to what I was expecting and what I think was missing for example.
I was thinking of creating a way of classifying stories in general (books, tv shows, etc) tell me if you'd like it.

2 COMIC CON December

Comic Con is in December and it is the last year I'll have the chance to attend to it. It will be moving next year to another city and as an activist of "I don't agree with all the good events taking place at the capital" I will cease to participate. But, I want to leave in style so I will cosplay something. Probably Harry Potter relater.

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I think the fun in cosplaying is making your own costume and so be it. I will make my clothes due to my training in sewing otherwise I would look like a clown!!
Let me know if you would like a tutorial. Also, I'm open to ideas for my costume.

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3 RENEW my wardrobe

So, since I'm working, I can afford a little luxury. I haven't bought clothes in 5 years perhaps. I think it's time for it.

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I'm growing as an individual and developing a style of my own. It took time and will take more! Every time I go shopping I come home with possibly two new pieces of clothes max. I don't fit with the type of clothes my country sells. So, as I'm discovering in what kind of clothes I feel comfortable I will try to find them. It may work or so I hope. For now, I've only decided what colours and shades define me.

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Would you like an article about how I'm doing in this topic?? Just ring the bell and let me know!!

4 Start buying CHRISTMAS presents

Christmas marks the beginning of winter but going shopping on the last few days before Christmas drives me crazy! For instance, I've been all year saving and deciding to whom and what I'll give this year. My list is almost finished and now is time to start looking for the presents!

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5 WRITE and DRAW more

I said it earlier but I'm really figuring out who am I. What I like, what do I stand for, what clothes to wear, what presents I feel are worth giving... What hobbies make me happy?? And so, I found them. I love CREATE.

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Simply. I love making clothes, it's my job, and I pretend to pursue that career. But my personality insists in being interested in more than one thing. Several projects may seem a chaos and feel like it but my life is a little less busy, at least for now, and I can dedicate myself to various things simultaneously! And so, I decided what hobbies, among the 100 I have, make me feel more fulfilled. Writing and Drawing won. (And journaling but it is a more personal kind of hobby).

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My goals to this fall are: finishing my outline and do the first sketch of my story, and initiate my sketchbook and fill it a little.
If you'd like to keep up with me text me with your opinions and suggestions!

Lots of Love
Vânia Santos