Since I have a big passion for traveling and exploring new countries, I do have a great list of cities and countries I want to visit some day. In this article I will introduce you to some of the cities I want to travel to.

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Dubai image Dubai and amazing image architecture, beautiful, and buildings image asia, city, and Dubai image

Dubai has always fascinated me with its great architectonic magnificences, blue lakes and white sand beaches. I would love to travel there and photograph the skyscrapers one day!


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As a hopeless romantic, of course I need to travel to the city of love and I really want to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile and go for a walk on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées one day!

New York City

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I have already visited New York City in october 2016 but I really want to go there because the city amazes me and I loved to be there. A wonderful city full of interesting people and a lot so see and explore!


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Technically, I have already been in London, but that was only one night in a hotel at the fringe of the city. I want to visit Big Ben and London Eye and I want to see red telephones and buses!


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I have never been to Japan and Tokyo is a great, amazing city that I would love to visit one day. Its culture is so interesting and I hope I can go there one day and walk the huge intersections while sipping sweet bubble tea!


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I have been to Italy once, but not to Rome and I really want to go there one day and visit the ancient architecture, go sightseeing and eat italian ice cream!


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I have been to Salzburg but not to Vienna yet and since Austria is a neighboring country of Germany (where I live hah) a goal of mine is to go there in the next years and explore the streets and culture!


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Visiting Amsterdam has been a great wish of mine since I watched "The Faults In Our Stars" and has been stronger since I also read the book in English. My mom gave me her edition of the book and since then we developed this whole mother-and-daughter-read-a-book-together level where we fangirl about Gus together and now we sometimes lend books to each other and discuss what we like about it. So I really want to go there with my mom some day and visit the key places where Gus and Hazel were!