OMG! guys my post about youtubers got to 700 hearts! WHat you guys are amazing. so I'm here writing another.

Marcus Butler

I love Marcus and I have for a while now, he has both a main channel and a second channel. He post most frequently on this second channel where he does videos of him doing quizzes or guessing the celebrity/ youtuber type videos. He's always giving you feels that make you smile every second.

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Clevver Tv

Clevver Tv is a channel that post lots of different content e.g. breaty break, lunchy break ect. I mainly watch beauty break which is a 'show' on there channel were they try out lots of different beauty products. For one its very interesting to see all the different types of beauty products they use but its always funny to watch because they never end up using the product properly.

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lol yeah this is the only photo I could find

Shane Dawson

If you haven't heard of Shane Dawson, I don't know where you've been lately. Shane Dawson is known a lot for his conspiracy theory videos and I do love those videos but he also has some other content. He likes to post videos of him 'making' food and destroying things but he also just has some other random videos that I find very entertaining.

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Just Kidding Films

Jkf is a channel that post many skits and funny videos but they also have other channel, such as just kidding news & just kidding party. I tend to watch those channels more. On there just kidding news channel they get sent in stories and they discuss things about it and react, sounds a little boring but these people are soooo entertaining, there slogan for this channel is 'real new, with real opinions'. On there jk party channel they just play lots of different games.

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lol again only photo I could find

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya use to be on buzz feed but has left like a lot have. Safiya now has her own channel that is blowing up. She posts videos where she trys out crazy products and clothing and walk around with them on in public. The video are very entertaining. I love to sit back and just watch her videos

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okay that's all again for today guys, kepp your smiles up!
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