Sometimes you're so tense, that you feel like everything is going to explode or you're just really close to a complete melt down. Nobody wants that to happen, so it's really important to destress and relax.
And to lower your stress level, here are some tips and ideas that I feel like work and make me feel calmer than before.

1. Go for a walk

To just walk outside for a little while and to get some fresh air can help immensely. You can choose if you want to be on your own and just have some alone time to clear your head or if you want to ask a friend to join you on your walk and have a chat with them.

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2. Take a bath

For some reason I just feel like baths have a relaxing effect, so I take baths every now and then instead of a shower, because they just give me a cozy and comfortable feeling (I should add that I take them in the evenings when it's dark and I light some candles for extra coziness).
Add a nice smelling bath bomb and the smell will help you even more to destress.

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3. Read a book

If you want to escape your world for a little while, just take a book and dive into a different world, that will at least help you to forget all your problems for a short period of time.

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4. Make your room cozy

By just lighting some candles in the evening, adding some fluffy pillows or cute decorations might help to destress, because your surrounding can affect your mind set and stress level.

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5. Draw or color in

Even if you're just an beginner or you're not that good at all, I think drawing or coloring in some mandalas can help to calm down. There are extra books to help to unwind by coloring.

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6. Dance

Put on some music and dance your heart out. A lot of stress gets build up during a day or a week and dancing to your favorite song can lift your mood and help to destress.

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7. Yoga

Some people really enjoy yoga (including me, every now and then) and if that's a thing for you, already 5 minutes of yoga can lower your stress level and make your body and your muscles less tense.

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8. Listen to music (especially piano versions)

I absolutely LOVE piano music when I feel stressed, because it has such a calming effect on me. But if you don't enjoy piano versions, just stick to your kind of music and that will surely help you as well!

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9. Drink tea

Especially peppermint tea gives me a relaxed feeling. If I feel anxious or panicky tea always helps me at least a little bit to not go completely crazy. There are so many kinds of teas, so find your perfect flavor and enjoy the impact it has on you!

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10. Write

If you enjoy writing just like me, use your passion and write your soul out. You can write songs, poems, articles, guides or what ever floats your boat. You can write about the thing that stresses you the most and hopefully that will help to deal with the situation that confronts you with so much stress.

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11. Browse trough your favorite sites

You know what I'm talking about! These websites that immediately lift your mood, give you a positive and calm feeling. One of those sites is without lying, weheartit. There are so many inspirational photos, gifs or articles.

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12. Pamper yourself

Use a good face mask or a nice hair treatment, whatever makes you feel better in your own skin and gives you a fresh feeling.

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