It”s autumn again,calendar,at least...Ah,the fall,the most charming season.
With it”s increasingly long nights and cold mornings,with the still warm days,with the smell of dry leaves,the glowing wind of the wind,the feaded sun shining nature in a difussed light,the gray clouds that send us to dream,with sheep rain that awakens sleepy nostalgia,autumn is incomparable.Sad,but it has a unique beauty!
Why do like the autumn?! Well...I,first of all close to my soul and fit to my flesh:hot and cold at the same time,sometimes sad,once in a good,and I”m the same as the autumn,so indecisive and full of contrasts...I think it”s inherited from the September morning that I was born in.Maybe you have to be a little melancholy to love the autumn,for that it”s not a jolly seasons,but I think it”s the most romantic of all.
This is autumn,with good and evil,with all it”s defects...that”s why I love autumn...
LOVE YOU,ALL!!!! See you soon!