And there I stood
In the middle of the day
With my back against the wall
Realizing you made me fall
Out of love

As fast as the butterflies had taken flight
They died.
Like a light that flickers;
Right before the bulb bursts.

What you were,
Still unknown
A first
A last
A thunder for the deaf

That last goodbye
Made your name reverberate in my mind
You took a walk
But didn’t leave any footprints for me to trace

But all echoes
Eventually die out
When they have to travel over mountains.
And all fires
Eventually stop burning
When they lose their spark

And as I look up to the sky you don’t walk beneath
It strikes me
That you were exactly
Like the day I met you:
Cold when you run into it in the morning
But hot as the hours pass by

And as twilight fell
And we were way past possible,
The temperature dropped
And my breath for you turned into fog.

Just like you,
The day was fast and lively,
Untouchable almost.
And just like me,
The night was freezing and lonely,
Forlorn even.

I was night after night after night.
Until that second,
In the middle of the day
When I realized
I had finally fallen
Out of love.

Written by Astrid Van wal
WHI Recognized Writer
© @writingaboutyou
original content copyright, all rights reserved.

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