I will start off by saying that I am a Black American. I was born in raised in America. I haven't visited any other countries so I don't think I can speak for any other experience except for the black experience in America.

I grew up in a mostly black area. I went to a school where most of the kids were black. Seriously, from what I remember there was like one or two white kids at some point. But, when I became a teenager is when I moved and started going to a mostly white school.

Now, we all know that when we get older, we start to care/notice the differences in each person we meet. I didn't have a problem with going to a mostly white school, I was more worried about them paying attention and feeling uncomfortable with me being black.

At this school, there was like a few black people. Maybe 10 or less. At the high school, a little bit more. The kids were chill and I never had drama at this school. I had some pretty cool white friends. My first, actually, because I didn't grow up around a ton of white people.

The biggest "prejudice" thing I experienced was a white boy coming to me saying, "I'm black, I'm from the hood, I eat fried chicken." It was the craziest thing I'd ever heard in my life. This same white boy asked me if I knew of any "black" names that he could use for his children one day.

My name is Skye.

So, this is where we get into the post foreal. He asked me those questions because he ASSUMED that I would know/do stereotypical black things because I'm black.

Instead of yelling at someone or getting completely offended to where I just write them off, I want to share some things about stereotypes that just AREN'T always true about black people.

We love fried chicken

Okay, there are plenty of people in the world that love fried chicken, and there are plenty of black people who love fried chicken. But, not all of us do. In fact, my aunt is a vegetarian. So, don't assume that your black friend wants to go to KFC, Lee's, Churches, or Popeyes.

Note: Chick-Fil-A is a different story. You can assume anyone wants Chick-fil-a because they should.

We come from the hood/ghetto/projects

As I said above, I am not from the hood. Many black don't live in the hood. So, I wouldn't assume that your friend knows their way around if you catch yourself there.

We use slang like "bruh" "yo" and many other slang words

In all honesty, if you use slang, it doesn't matter. I'm sick of the whole what you should talk like issue. (I'll discuss that in another post possibly) But, not all black people talk the same way. Some have a southern twang and others have a news reporters accent.

Black women are angry

No, just no. I am definitely not angry. If you make a mistake, I won't "pop off" on you. I would simply guide you to the right way. Many black women are kind and considerate and warm. They are loving and compassionate.

Black people are "ghetto" (whatever that actually is)

Let's start by explaining what I mean by "ghetto". When I, and you too probably, think of ghetto, you think of hands flying in people's faces, a bunch of slang and cursing, and loud-mouth talking.

Black people aren't ghetto. There a some who act like that, but you can't say BLACK people as a whole are ghetto. Because I know black people that don't act/behave that way. I, for one, don't. I've seen some white people, Latinos, etc. that fit that description, though. Not all, but I've seen a few.

It's funny, because I was talking to someone who isn't from the USA, and she told me that it was funny how I talked because she expected that "ghetto" sound to come out of my mouth. I just don't have it. Many black people don't. I've seen white people try to get that sound around their black friends, but you should never do that. Especially, if they don't have that sound.

Black women wear weave (and because they don't have good hair)

Some do and some don't. But, we aren't the only ones. I, for one, don't. I never have. I'm not looking down upon wearing weave. If you want to, you can. The thing about it is, people assume that if you wear weave your hair isn't good enough by itself. That's simply not true. I know people who wear weave and their natural hair is amazing.

Baby mamas and baby daddies

Black people do get married and have families with the people they're married to. Never, ever, ever assume that a black lady with a baby has a boyfriend. There is a great possibility that she is married.

Black kids don't have fathers around

My dad and mom are married and have been for 18 years. I was born while they were married. So, that is obviously not true. Don't ask your friend, "are you going to visit your dad this weekend?" unless you know for sure that their parents aren't together. That's rude.

Black people are always late (AKA black people time)

Look, this is debatable. I'm sorry but foreal. I will have to do another post on accepting our own stereotypes. Okay, seriously I know black people who are consistently on time and for the most part on time. I know someone who always gets to an event before everybody else.


I'm allergic to watermelon. End of discussion.

So, this post is not to be read with an angry tone. I'm simply stating how I feel about stereotypes. I love all people and to me cultural differences are beautiful we should stop trying so hard to ignore them. Embrace them and accept people for their heritage.

You don't have to act or talk like them. You don't go to an Italian and start speaking with an Italian accent, so don't do that with black people. I think we all need to learn to embrace our differences but don't assume that we know a person just because they're in a particular group.


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