So,hi everyone in this article i will be showing you a few cute and comfy outfits for the fall time..

fashion, hair, and outfit image
#1 So this one is just a very simple fall outfit.Maroon sweater and black jeans.
fashion, outfit, and style image
#2 This outfit is a bit more dressy but is still pretty simple.It includes a gray shirt-dress,flannel,black backpack and deep red boots.
fashion, style, and outfit image
#3 This outfit is super cute and cozy.It is a long sweater that actually turns into a dress.For accessories we have fishnets and for shoes we have black leather boots.
fashion and outfit image
#4 This is an outfit for warmer days because it contains a mini denim skirt but the oversized sweater makes it cozy..
fashion, outfit, and style image
#5 This one is honestly one of my faves because it just contains ripped jeans and an oversized white sweater...

•so this is all i have for you guys,hope you enjoyed it,bye•