Everyone has dressed up for Halloween and walked around town collecting candy from strangers. But, don't you want our pets to have that experience as well ?

1: Georgie from IT

it, dog, and pug image
Isn't this the cutest twist to a horrer movie you've ever seen !?

2: A Witch

cat and kitten image costume, Halloween, and hamster image
Why not? Our pets all have their evil days- so why not embrace them?

3: A Mouse

cat, animal, and panda image
Dress your pet as another pet- even if they do eat it.

4: Food

animals, funny, and dogs image dog, Halloween, and funny image
This is revenge for them always eating our food.

5: A Pumpkin

puppy and cute image dog, cute, and boo image bunny, costumes, and Halloween image

6: A Ghost

dog, Halloween, and ghost image
There is no good explanation... just do it.

I hope you enjoyed this. Hopefully you also got some ideas for your bff.