so i previously wrote an article on this guy and our past. hes gone now but i still for some reason feel so attached? like i was so comfortable with him because i was used to him being there. i dont want to be with him or anything but i feel quite lonely. and thats on me i admit because i know i can go to a friend if i need anything but i dont really want to. i want to be by myself and i dont really care to go out. i want to just be myself but i dont know who that is anymore. im sad and depressed but i dont care to fix it. i want him to fight for me. im waiting to get that text so i can for ONCE say no to him. idk.

I hope no one gets trapped withing themselves so much that all they care about and depend on is a boy or girl that doesnt even care. you deserve so much more. you deserve to be happy. someone will come along one day that shows you they care and doesnt just use their words to get you to stay or come back. stay strong and dont depend on someone for your happiness.