Sometimes I think that i'm wrong. Wrong for influencing my heart to open up to those who show they don't deserve it. I've met people who can't handle such a gem, but still stick around because they've never encountered such a unique soul. I joke and I smile, but do I actually feel it? I'll admit at times, I feel happy and positive but I notice it's when i'm by myself. Every girl wants that one guy who will stick by them forever, no matter what the circumstance is they will always be there for each other. In my case, it's never like that. That's when the "I think i'm wrong" part comes in. Do I have bad luck? Is it the way I look, walk or talk? I'm from New York so at least give me a break on the last one cause I can't help it.. my accent is strong. Many people have said I have no luck because i'm just simply too much for someone... What does that mean??
Now, my first thought on that on that was "What the hell does that mean?". Back in high school, I wasn't really focused on boys, even though I did have a few couple (a lot) of crushes.. but I never approached them because I wasn't built to be someone's second choice, side chick , or blow up doll. I'm very mature for my age so when i'm actually looking for a "boyfriend", I'm looking for a forever thing, a 'Love and Basketball' thing (if you haven't seen that movie yet I suggest you do), Something that lasts for years or decades even. That's not too much to ask for right? I sure don't think so. I mean, why look for a quick thing when you can that sweet thang forever, you feel me?
After graduating high school, I made plans for myself, I put the goals I've had since I was 10 as a main priority and set that on a high bar so I know not to doubt myself on that because i'm so confident it'll happen. I also started to view to myself differently, I noticed that I have a glow about myself and an irreplaceable vibe that nobody has. I'm a rare diamond that has a shine that blinds the weak ones who can't handle it.

I was then asked the one million dollar question "Why don't you have a boyfriend?". My answer to that was, "What the hell does that mean?".