1. Do nothing

Even doing nothing is an art. Listen to your mind, take a deep breath and just relax. You are alive and you are in peace.

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2. Dance, do yoga or meditate

Cannabis tends to optimize the energies of your body. Meditation, breathing exercise and yoga can help you to reach a higher level. There are many other useful activities: dancing following the most bizzarre rythms.

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3. Listen to music

Music is transformed into a three-dimensional body, capable of dragging you on a fantastic journey. Music ceases to be fun, but it becomes a living sound landscape that will pulsate your mind while traveling.

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4. Play a musical instrument

If listening to music is not enough, take an instrument and make it alone. A Djembé is a great way to carrying a tribal rhythm. A guitar and a piano are valid substitutes.

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5. Get lost in the woods

Exploring mother nature, will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Nature is a trip by itself, even without a joint. When you're headed in the clouds, enjoying the wonderful landscape of a blue lake or strolling in a forest, it will be like living in a fairy tale.

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6. Draw, color and scribble

Artists appreciated over the centuries are renowed for being led freely, during th creative estimate, right from Cannabis. Try to take a sketchbook, some color, a brush, or anything else that can trigger your creativity. Best of the best if you join point 5 with step 6: go in the middle of nature, armed with pencil and sheet.

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7. Whatch movies or TV Series

There is nothing better than staying on the couch whatching a movie or a TV series. You will notice all the details of the movie and the time will seem to go much faster.

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8. Make coffee or tea

Cannabis makes lazy and letargic. Of course, a joint can stick you to the couch, if you smoke a particularly powerful Indica (in this case it is advisable a hot tea), but Sativa also exists. A good Sativa will resuscitate you naturally and, with the addition of good coffee, you will be ready to make another drag, feeling even more productive.

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9. Smoke another joint.

Just do it.

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10. Have sex

Sex is great. Sex is wonderful. And it's especially good when you're high. The joint sensitizes the whole body, giving you the best of every touch. Stimulation tends to be more intense and orgasm sends you to the stars. Cannabis can also improve you're sex life!

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what's your favourite thing to do when you're high?

Inspired by https://www.zamnesia.com/it/blog-top-10-le-cose-migliori-da-fare-durante-lo-sballo-n265