So I felt like I needed to change the way I live.
And I want to help others making a change in their life so I'll tell you what I've been doing for the last couple of days;

autumn art
1. Do what you love For me this is singing, I went to a singing school today and I'm now ready to sing up ! I'm also pushing myself to draw more and to read more books, cause its something I love doing🌼
autumn autumn
2. Keeping a diary So I also decided to start writing a diary and setting goals for the next day. It motivates me to actually achieve something the next day ! 📚
body fit
3. Go to the gym So one of the things I want to achieve by the end of the year is to lose weigh. And it's hard for me to stay motivated, so find something that motivates you and hold on to it for some amazing results ! 💪🏻
autumn autumn
4. Go on nature walks So this is a pretty self explanatory but going on nature walks can relax your mind and your body. Going on walks is amazing for your mental health cause it makes you forget about everything for a while 🌳🍂
Superthumb grace vanderwaal
5. Find some new music to obsess over Recently I started listening to Dodie Clarke and Grace Vanderwaal and I noticed I adore the combination of ukulele and their voices 😍 so finding new music can be very relaxing, especially when you have to listen to them allot to finally learn the lyrics by heart🎶

That's all for this post ! Hope these 5 things can help you in some way 😊

Lots of love Ties 💛