Hey guys, so like many of you looooooove to read and drown into different realities whenever I feel like it.
I adore books that make me question and wonder about human beings and the universe we`re living in.
Here is my list of fave books, the ones that changed my view of so many things and opened up my mind so many times.

1. The Little prince

There is no book in the world, that means more to me. I even got the prince as a Tattoo, so I always carry him with me.

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2.) Tibetan peach pie - Tom Robbins

Tom is my fave writer when it comes to novels which are full of Imagination, Magic and crazyness. I love all his books, so every of his books should be on that list. I choose this one to represent them all, because as his most personal one it means the most to me.

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3.) Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

U may know the movie with Brad Pitt. This book is the original Story, which I find very interesting and intense.

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4.) Harry Potter

Hogwarts will always feel like home...you know wa I mean,right?

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5.) Selected Poems and letters by the german Poet Friedrich Schiller

6.) Faust by Goethe - Ist a classic everyone should have read

7.) The catcher in the rye -JD Salinger

A great book about growning up....getting into th thoughts of a teenage Boy, who doesnt feel like he fits in. It as written in the 50ies.

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8.) Maze runner

I get very excited everytime I read it and I jus couldnt stop turning pages

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9.) My heart and other black holes

A very intense novel about love, Depression and whats important in life...

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10.) The perks of being a wallflower

Just wondeful and heart warming...many great, unforettble quotes...

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11.) Wachstumsschmerz- Sarah Kuttner

A german novelist. I met her last year and she was wonderful.
This book is about the pain of not Feeling like an adult but living in a world that Forces you to be one.

12. Alice in wonderland

I looove it so much

alice in wonderland, mad, and disney image

I hope you enjoyed my list of fave books :)
Maybe U can find some inspration here :)

I wish you all a good read... <3

Read ya next ime ;)