We all have them.
Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Excitement. Joy. Fear. Love.
A lot.
Sometimes we know how to control them and sometimes we can't.

A weird something in your body.
We all know what they are, but at the same time we don't.

A part of our everyday life.
Neither right nor wrong.

Can we talk about 'feelings' for a moment? Because .. all I know is that they are every now and then fucked up. When you aren't paying enough attention to it, they take over our thoughts, our body.

I said that we all have them. But I think half of the people don't know how to express them every once in a while. Which causes problems. When we're unable to express our feelings, people won't understand you. But at the same time we can decide to not express them. To hide our feelings. Hide it from everyone around you, because it feels better. And when something is hidden, it doesn't really exist.

Think about it. Pay attention to it.

I do the same, don't worry about that .. it's human to do it, but it could be wrong.

Hiding our feelings is because we're scared for them. Scared for the reaction of people. Scared to be who you are. Scared for reality. Because that's it, we hide our feelings because we don't want to feel them. You are vulnerable when you show them, and you don't want to be vulnerable. Because, at the age of 16, is that something horrible. You want to be strong and independent.

Something that makes you who you are.
Something we should appreciate.

At the beginning I said there are many different feelings. In a lot of situations they all get mixed up. You cry when you get angry. You cry when something amazing happens. You smile because you're nervous for something and that smile hides your nerves. You pretended you have that happy feeling, but deep down your breaking. There are a lot of ways we use our feelings and no one can, or actually should, judge them.

Made by the human body.
They are amazing yet horrible.