Hi There! Thanks for clicking here and I hope you are inspired after reading this article. This is my very first one so I really hope you enjoy!

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20. Lazy Days

All you have to do is relax!
Take a nice bath
Color a coloring book
Watch your favorite tv shows

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19. Paint Your Nails Dark Colors

Painting your nails dark colors is definitely a fall/autumn favorite!
Paint them dark colors
Clean them up
Add pumpkins, leaves or even glitter

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18. Take Fall Photography

Fall photography is gorgeous!
Find a good spot with lots of bronze colored leaves
Set the scene
Upload to your favorite social media (we heart it)

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17. Make Fall Artwork

Bring out your favorite leave or sketch out your favorite outfit. Not an artist? Do cute fall coloring books.
Sketch it out
Make amazing artwork to keep or throw away after you get that photo

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16. Disney Movie Marathons (Also Animated Movies)

Disney or animated movies are great fall marathon choices. (Some People Run 4 Marathons but I've Watched 100 Marathons)
Watch Halloween ones
Watch your favorites
Maybe cry a little (Dang it Disney)

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15. Watch Your Favorite Scary Movies

Scary Movies for Halloween! YAS
Thrillers are cool too
Scream is my favorite
Guess who's gonna die next (WHAAHHAHHHA) I'm not insane

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14. Read Your Books Under a Tree

Maybe not under a tree?
My favorite book is probably Anne of Green Gables (for fall anyways)
I also like Cinder and the Lunar Chronicles
Get off your electronics!

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13. Drink Apple Cider

So delicious!
By a fireplace
While reading a book
On your lazy day

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12. Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkins are very important for Halloween.
Fake or real
Carve or don't
Room or outside

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11. Binge Watch TV Shows

Stranger Things
Gilmore Girls

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10. Nice Baths

Hot or cold! So nice and clean.
Bath bombs
How ever long you want

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9. Room Decorations

Not everyone had their dream room, but you can!
Fake leaves and pumpkins

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8. Lock Screen

Your lock screen will put you in the mood
Pumpkins and leaves
Halloween costumes

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7. Hot Chocolate

Yummy! Is it bad that I sometimes drink this in the summer...
Try Nutella in your chocolate. Not bad

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6. Fall Baking

Have fun baking!

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5. Take Nice Walks

Take some walks around your street.
Look at Halloween decorations
Pick the scariest house
Enjoy fall

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4. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Normal for any season
make playlists
make your own
Jam out to it

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3. Do Your Favorite Hairstyles

Hair is so amazing!

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2. Fall Outfits

You knew this one was coming.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

1. Your Fall

Do what you like to do.
jump in piles of leaves
go pumpkin crazy
drink starbucks

Hope you enjoyed! More to come.