Do you see the pain?


Do you see the love?

-No, babe

Can you tell me what you see?

-I see tears instead of pain, I can see a girl sobbing for her lost love.I can't see the love but I can feel it passing through those tow lovers,with their hugs and kisses,they are in love.

How do you know they are in love?

-'Cause he told her. Didn't u hear the "I love you"?

I heard it.But there was no emotion.You see my love, I asked you if you can see the two feelings,pain and love and you wisely said that you don't.You can see the emotions, only feel them.And I feel one thing:Those two lovers don't love eachother, they never did

-But they say so...

The only truth that's coming out from their mouths, it's her words.She loves him.But he doesn't.That's why she suffers from the pain...

-He is lying?Why,babe?

Cause he thinks that lying to her it will make her feel any better.But she knows.She knows everything...

-Why isn't she doing anything?

She prefers living in a dream,in a dream that she is with him, than waking up and realise that he never loved her.'Cause everyone needs a lie to count their emotions on.